Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This image is from a recent trip Debbie and I made to Las Vegas. It was shot just outside of Caesar’s Palace on a Saturday night. Shooting Vegas is significantly different from my normal comfort zone of nature photography. The flashing lights can make some of the automatic features on the camera useless and the constant foot traffic makes it even more difficult to capture the shot that I hope to. In addition, there are so many vibrant colors flashing that I feel like my camera is going to explode. What I really like about this shot is the feeling of silence that is present when, in reality, there were hundreds of people around me. The waves in the pool really help bring that serenity out. I’m sure I could have done a few little things in adjusting the exposure to make this shot a little better, but overall I am quite pleased with it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dusty and Allie

I left them alone shortly after this. I just wanted to get a quick picture.

Green River Moon

Beautiful full moon that we watched rise on a camping trip in Southern Utah.

Squirrel on Birdhouse

As it was raining, the squirrels all ran to this tree and this little guy just sat on top of the birdhouse watching every move I made.

Winter Bird

I was walking back home and caught this quick shot of this bird with a nut in its mouth.

Water Drop

It had just rained and everything was looking great so I went out to take some pictures.

Deer and Geese on the Rogue

I was trying to get some good shots of the doe on the other side of the river, and of course some geese flew overhead. I thought this one turned out cool looking.


Taken in Oregon. I love the colorful leaves there.

Bridal Veil Falls

Took this picture when a friend from England came to visit. We showed her the falls and roamed around the Canyon.

Lone Deer

I saw more Deer than people in this little town in the middle of nowhere.

Logan, UT LDS Temple

I visited a friend in Logan last fall and the leaves were beautiful. The gates were closed, so I got this shot through the fence bars.

Deb Throwing Leaves

We went for a drive in the fall and walked through a ton of leaves. I think she had lots of fun taking this picture :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love clouds

I really loved the clouds this day. So awesome.


Luke and I went to take pictures and enjoy a day at Lost Creek Lake.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BYU Campus

This is the law school building here in Provo. We're basically in the mountains here on campus.

Clouds Over the Rogue

A beautiful sunset in Shady Cove, OR. Which one do you like more?

Water Droplets

I have mixed opinions about this shot. Some days I love it, some days i don't really care for it.

Reflection Of Trees

Down at the river there are these stone benches they put in a few years back. A rainy/foggy Oregon day made for a good reflection picture.

Madrone Trail

Roxy Ann Park, Medford, OR. Taken with a 35 mm for a 'sauntering' project in high school.

Blue Heron

Taken near the Rogue in Shady Cove, OR.

Rogue River

This is the river by my house. I love going down here to throw rocks in the water and take pictures.

Panoramic View of Medford

You have to click this one to actually see anything. This is Medford, OR from Roxy Ann Mtn.


My roomate Alex thinks this is really cool, so I put it up.

Me on top of a giant freakin' rock

Arches National Park. My friend Ben took this picture for me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Foggy night

Downton Medford, OR. Luke and I went out taking pictures in the fog and this is the only decent one I got.

Japanese Garden Waterfall.

This was taken in the Japanese Gardens in Portland, OR. May 2005.

A Lost Creek Sunset

One of my favorite places on earth. Lost Creek Lake at sunset. Taken Summer '05.

Yellow Daisies

Bees in Flowers

Which one do you like more?

Little Butterfly

This is when I first got my digital camera. I grabbed it out of the box, ran outside and started taking pictures. This is what I got.

Wild & Scenic Rogue

I love this place. On a hike to Rainie Falls July 4, 2005.

Flounce Rock Grave

I drove up here looking for a hike, which turned out to not exist... instead I found a bunch of graves. This one overlooks Lost Creek Lake. I want to be buried somewhere cool like this.


It's kind of ugly up close... I guess that makes it a butterface.


This was when the flag was flying at half staff because of the death of a faculty member here at BYU. 


Just a view from my seat on the boat at Diamond Lake with my Dad. 

Mt. Thielsen

Strangest looking mountain in Oregon. This was taken at Diamond Lake on a summer morning a few years ago.

Another Duck

Ok, so I like ducks. This one has a runny nose though. 


They were sleeping. I took a picture, which woke all 3 of them up at the same time and then I got this shot with their eyes open.

Desert Loveliness

Another southern Utah picture. Not much to say about this one. It's a dead tree.

Delicate Arch

This is in Arches National Park in Southern Utah. Me and 2 million other people have a similar picture to this, but I particularly liked the clouds this day. Just happened to work out I guess.


I used a red filter and cranked up the contrast to get the dark sky effect with these awesome clouds.


This was a taken from the bottom of the staircase in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building.


At the time, this was a brand new building. I thought the staircase looked pretty cool, so I played around a bit and overexposed it and here's how it turned out. I need to fix a few things about this picture in photoshop someday, but I just haven't bothered yet.

Bell Tower at Night.

If I remember correctly, this was the exact same day I took the other photo. 

Bell Tower

This is the BYU Bell Tower from Heritage Pond. I used to live 2 minutes away from here and this was one of the only times I had my camera with me without the wind blowing (for the still water reflection).

Beaver Swamp - Oregon

This was taken with an older 35mm camera before I switched to digital. The water was a perfect tint of teal. You could hear the thousands of frogs from hundreds of yards away. It was awesome.